Below is a list of active projects developed by me as a gift to the C&C Renegade community.

Name Description Links
Essentials Essential features for C&C Renegade servers with Dragonade.
AreaSaver Saves a selected region into a schematic file and loads them in C&C Renegade servers running Dragonade.
mixoptimize Applies various optimizations to C&C Renegade Mix and Pkg files to improve performance and reduce size.
Building Warnings Sends building health percentage announcements and repairing messages to teams for Dragonad servers.
Build Plugin Light and simple building plugin.
LogProbe Command-line SSGM/Dragonade Log Server analyzer.
ttfs2mix Converts TTFS packages back to Mix files, with TTFS downloading support.
FDSRem RenRem client implementation in C#.
MixLibrary Mix file implementation along with load/save support in C#.
TTPackageClass TTFS implementation in C#.